‘Ever since my childhood I have had a deep fascination and passion for dogs and everything that concerned them. I raised several from different breeds and have even taken some to training lessons.

I have noticed that the standards of some kennels in the area were not up to mine. One thing leads to another so I decided to start my very own boarding kennels (opened in spring 2011), and people around me consider it to be of a four star level.

The building was purposely built and gives accommodation up to eight dogs – it has eight internal boxes, connected to six external ones (some escape proof). Inside are special folding beds, preventing bedding getting dirty and wet. 

All together: the perfect place for your dog while you are away.’Heating can be provided as well as music to calm your animal down if – in spite of all my good cares – they might become a bit upset. Furthermore there is a special showertub and an outdoor area for them to run freely.


Irene Bolt,


  • Open all year round
  • Kennel visits on appointment
  • We welcome all breeds
  • Individual boxes with outdoor run
  • Antibacterial floor and wall coating
  • Playground
  • Heating on request
  • Music
  • 25 years experience and passion of dogs at your service
  • Professional certificate
  • Veterinary assistance
  • Individual care
  • Optional obedience training
  • Optional introduction to dog sports